Forget ( ... forget, forget, forget ... ) that you ever saw the last 3 episodes of LOST, Across the Sea, What They Died For and The End or that you ever had to see Allison Janney so miscast as the crazed Earth-Mother murderess ... forget that Jack's asshole father was the pivotal character the show's creator/writers brought in at the end to shepherd (no pun) him into the afterlife - like Dallas so many years ago it had all been a dream - the fever dream of Jack's death ... forget ... forget ... forget

Showing that you can take other writers' not-best-work and still use it to form something good, here we'll pick up the story with Desmond on the mainland getting the Alt+B timeline principals to recall their lives on the island (remember now they've pared down all the sideways flashes and whatnot to just two storylines: the Island and what I call Alt+B) ... while Smokey/Locke is still trying to assemble all the Candidates to get himself off the island and destroy it so he can be free


Nanook said...

I loved the ending to Lost. It was almost perfect and everyone I know felt the same way.

I get that you didn't like the ending, I really do. But must you call the writers lazy because they wrote what they wanted and not what you wanted? Do you have to get so nasty about it? I don't think there were two harder working writers than the Lost showrunners. They dedicated their lives to this show when it was on. They poured themselves into the script.

And here you are-someone who has never written anything for tv-standing on the sidelines calling them lazy. You are pathetic.

And if you think this kind of name-calling doesn't get their attention, you are crazy.

Btw, the crap you have written here makes no sense at all. Take a screen writing class. Lost is over go insult someone else.

radii said...

blah blah, Nanook

Just wait until I load up more of the story (had it in my head since before the show ended since I knew they'd fuck it up) ... much better and more satisfying than the "stick a cork in it" ending we got from the obviously lazy LOST creator/writers.

Remember your Hitchcock: you can only really give an audience one or two good fakeouts or misdirections because you want them to stay with them until the reveal at the climax. Modern writers think that misdirect, misdirect, misdirect is the goal - that if you just keep throwing sand in peoples' faces it counts as thoughtful misdirection - it does not. Loose threads must be tied up.

Battlestar Galactica went for the ultimate sellout, and so did LOST - the LOST ending is in the Bobby wakes up in the shower from Dallas category ... weak

Anonymous said...

Sorry to break it to you but after reading all of your work, I have come to the conclusion that YOU just didn't get LOST's ending - and clearly even after re-watching you still don't get it! Lol
Ok, in the last season of LOST only the story unfolding on the island was "real". The flash sideways actually happens in the afterlife/purgatory...until in the end they all move on together. There was never 2 timelines in LOST. Try watching just the island stuff from the last season first and then watch the off-island stuff from season 6. EVERYTHING that happened on the island and off the island in s1-s5 is REAL! Everything that happened on-island in s6 is REAL! Everything that happened off-island in s6 is taking place in the "afterlife".
This "afterlife" storyline takes place many, many years after 2007.

radii said...

Anon (5-15-13):
Wrong - the "afterlife" was an add-on - a cheap writer's trick to try to tie their story up